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REDS - Real Estate Data Shield

REDS can provide an entire office with the knowledge on how to handle non-public information or NPI.

REDS provides Compliance Solutions preparing you for Regulatory Scrutiny in an E-Learning Environment.

Prepare for lender and regulator compliance scrutiny. REDS Compliance Management Platform provides settlement service providers with mandated security compliance solutions: Information policy templates, online training, certification, and company security self-assessment tools

Position your company for lender compliance audits and contractual scrutiny. Access our compliance and data security training online from everywhere at home or work, day or night. You will be able to apply your learning experience instantly without interrupting your daily business.

Train your staff in privacy requirements and in safeguarding of personal information. Our Data Security Compliance Manual provides guidelines, procedures and policy templates. These help you to demonstrate compliance while minimizing risk and exposure to data breaches.

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SCA - Security Compliance Associates

Information Security Policy & Maintenance

SCA can provide your office expert assessment services for Information Security, and certification for ALTA Pillar #3.

Regulatory and Lender requirements are no longer a thing of the past. Increased pressure from both the lenders and regulatory bodies are emerging at a head-spinning rate. Let SCA with their non-disruptive, comprehensive and partner oriented approach provide you a cost effective way to relieve this burden.

As an industry leading provider with clients all over the country, SCA brings a strong team of information security experts to your organization. With over 14 years of experience providing thousands of information security assessments to Financial Institution clients (lenders) as well as other industries, SCA has developed specific Title and Settlement security assessment services. The staff is equipped with the strongest and broadest information security certifications available in the industry.

Focused on Pillar # 3, let SCA solve the problem, get you compliant and certified for the only best practice required by law.

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Iron Mountain

Compliant cost-effective shredding services for all size businesses for one-time and periodic document destruction.

Your business is producing more information than ever before—at a time when privacy and information disposal laws are increasing exponentially. As a result, you need to ensure that you’re not only protecting your sensitive business and customer information, but that you’re securely disposing of it.

With Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding services, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents while overcoming your information privacy challenges:

Maintain a consistent, auditable chain of custody from pickup to destruction Stay current and compliant in an ever-changing regulatory climate. Retain complete visibility via reporting and online monitoring tools that help you keep control over your program, services, and costs.

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Enables an agent to encrypt data traveling through the internet.

DataMotion SecureMail is a simple yet powerful solution that will secure sensitive email and file attachments from accidental exposure and data theft. At the same time, it ensures compliance, guards your reputation, builds customer trust, and reduces business process costs. And, the best part is that SecureMail is incredibly simple to set up and easy to use. In fact, most of our customers tell us that if they had known how easy it was, they would have implemented secure email sooner.

Simple send and receive. SecureMail makes sending and receiving secure email simple. Just click a button in your email client, and your message will be securely delivered. No special software or passwords need to be exchanged with recipients. And, you can easily access your message from your tablet, smartphone, desktop, or web email clients. Replies are securely delivered to your inbox and unencrypted automatically, ready to read without needing any additional steps. For those that prefer a portal, local language is automatically detected.

Maintain a consistent, auditable chain of custody from pickup to destruction Stay current and compliant in an ever-changing regulatory climate. Retain complete visibility via reporting and online monitoring tools that help you keep control over your program, services, and costs.

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Document and file security for your entire business

Pioneer Technology Group, specializes in secure technology for title agencies, registers of deeds, county recorders, and courthouses across the U.S. Our team consists of title industry veterans, and we have over 150 years of combined experience providing independent agents with title technology.

With our YourDox system, your agency files will be protected by industry leading data security. Plus, you'll get automatic document delivery and state of the art technology that gives you the best marketing advantage in the title business.

With YourDox, you'll have the file security you need:

You'll also have our Lifetime Marketing Advantage:

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Johnson & Johnson Fidelity-Pak

Risk management services for the Fidelity Pak.

The passage of Dodd-Frank in 2010, establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the increased enforcement by the FTC of the Gramm‐Leach‐Bliley Act (GLB) requires that all “financial institutions”, including title agents, protect the personal non-public financial data of their customers against theft by third parties. Cyber liability insurance protects the agent against liability arising from theft or disclosure of your customers’ personal information from your paper or electronic files. In addition, this insurance will also reimburse the agent for any government imposed fines/penalties as a result of a theft of data or breach of security.

For more information please contact Daniel Riebling at driebling@riallc.net

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