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Good, Better, Best Practices.
Change is good, but it can be daunting. That is why we are working closely with ALTA to ensure the broad understanding and adoption of the ALTA Best Practices. In addition, we have worked to develop strong affiliations with various service providers that can help our agents in meeting these new standards.
Below you will find the first of many resources from trusted partners to help you adopt the Best Practices in your business. If you would like more information about any one of these please complete the form below. We encourage you to visit this page often as information on this page will expand to include more and more resources and information essential to implementing the ALTA Best Practices.
An ALTA Best Practices Implementation Portfolio and Guide
In conjunction with the Model Title Company Collaborative, FNTG has created a comprehensive FNTG/ALTA Best Practices Implementation Portfolio and Guide, also known as the Best Practices Portfolio Builder.
The Best Practices Portfolio Builder addresses all 7 of the Best Practices and provides detailed information and actual tools (i.e. checklists, spreadsheets, procedures and manuals) for use in working with our agents and building a "compliance" portfolio. Industry changes require title agents to provide proof of compliance to their lender customers, realtors, transaction attorneys, and underwriters. The collective use of the MTCC materials and the Best Practices Portfolio Builder will enable a title agency to demonstrate its industry commitment and conformity with the new CFPB mandate of third party oversight requirements.
A comprehensive business improvement program for title agents
The Model Title Company Collaborative (MTCC) is designed to provide title agents a defined, disciplined way to manage the changing business of title insurance. Through MTCC, our expert team establishes a consulting relationship with title agents to add significant value through instruction and through the implementation of powerful business management tools and resources. If used properly, these tools and resources can add additional profitability to a title agent’s bottom line while building a Best Practices Portfolio.
The resources included in the MTCC modules were created and assembled to assist FNTG agents in demonstrating their industry strength, displaying their individual and collective expertise, and enhancing their customer service levels through their Best Practices.
MTCC consists of 5 areas of study with 10 separate training modules. These training modules are not just classes, but a collaboration of resources, templates (i.e. Consumer Complaint Resolution, Privacy Policy, Escrow Practices, etc.), education, and company processes. These practices (what we call a Title Agency's "Portfolio") will enable agencies to proactively promote and market themselves as self-certified "ALTA Best Practices Agency".
FNTG is pleased to announce with our partner, Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. (AJG) a new comprehensive insurance program underwritten by Lloyds of London, rated AXV by AM Best & Co., that offers the following coverages:
  • Title Agents Errors & Omissions (E&O)
  • Escrow Security Fidelity Bond (ESB)
  • Cyber Liability (Cyber)

Fidelity-Pak was developed to assist our agents in meeting the following new industry challenges:
  • ALTA’s Best Practices
  • Lender’s concerns re third party vendor liabilities
    • theft of escrow funds
    • protection of consumer personal financial information
  • New CFPB requirements and expansion of the rules, regulations governing the title industry.

The comprehensive coverages and competitive premiums of the Fidelity-Pak Program are exclusive to AJG and will only be offered to agents of the Fidelity family of companies.

We encourage you to participate in the Fidelity-Pak program, which offers the most comprehensive coverages at reduced premiums available only to FNTG agents.

For additional information regarding Fidelity-Pak or an application/quote, contact Dan Riebling at 800-749-7326, email or go to our website
Compliance and Data Security for Title and Settlement Companies
Real Estate Data Shield’s interactive e-Courseware is designed specifically for Title and Settlement service providers to help put real-world privacy and security issues in perspective. Through the REDS courseware and certifications, you and your staff can learn how to demonstrate your compliance with the applicable privacy & data security laws, rules and regulations and how to minimize your company's liability in the event of a data breach by demonstrating reasonable care in handling the sensitive data in your control.
In addition, REDS can help business owners teach employees to comply with laws and best practices that can avoid data breaches, and prevent loss of business, government fines, and lawsuits through its: consulting services, Data Security Compliance Manual (Guidelines, Checklists and Policy templates) and its Security Self-Assessment tools, which will be available late Spring 2013.
Fidelity National Title Group is pleased to announce a preferred vendor arrangement with LexisNexis/First Advantage, a premier provider for employment background checks and screening services.
LexisNexis screening solutions has combined with First Advantage, a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions.  Together, they offer the industry's most comprehensive set of screening services, criminal record searches, education, employment, professional license verifications, global sanctions, and credit checks. Their unprecedented global scale provides smarter answers, innovative technologies, and predictive screening analytics.
Summary of LexisNexis/First Advantage Program for FNTG Agents:
  • Credit Report - Employment verification provided by EQUIFAX
  • Scoring Service - Client Specific Hiring Policy Applied  - Price is per search/verification
  • Price to score a package will vary depending on the overall scope of the package.
  • The credit report is a soft inquiry - one that does not affect credit scores and does not appear to other entities making credit inquiries.
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Credit Report (Employment) (EQUIFAX)
  • Felony including Misdemeanor - single index search - 7 year residence history based on given address(es), up to 2 searches, up to 3 names, 7 years deep at courthouse
  • National Criminal Record File - Adjudicated
  • Financial Sanction Search
  • Scoring Service - Client Specific Hiring Policy Applied
*Fees are included, except for New York
  • Fax Fee - U.S. based customers only | $5.00
  • Vendor/Supplier Registration Fee  - One Time Initial Registration Fee
  • Fee does not apply to 1099 Independent Contractors
Adopt Best Practice procedures and controls for Escrow Trust Accounts
RynohLive allows agents to adopt and maintain appropriate written procedures and controls for Escrow Trust Accounts. RynohLive includes the following modules:
  • RynohPay –provides automated delivery of positive pay files, either payee or non-payee match, depending on the capability of the agent’s bank. If the agent’s bank does not offer a positive pay service, RynohLive provides a standalone non-payee match positive pay solution
  • RynohTrax –verifies and validates user-defined critical transactions including both receipts and disbursements.
  • RynohRecon – provides automatic daily three-way reconciliation, with an embedded “Wizard” that identifies accounting and posting errors.
  • RynohReport – a comprehensive set of daily reports that enable proactive management and oversight of escrow activities, which includes the “Morning Report” – a daily analysis report of escrow account activity and integrity.
A limited time offer of a no-cost 90-day trial program and preferred pricing is available to qualified FNTG agents.

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